Monday, February 16, 2015

Long Run Sunday

Completed my first "long" run yesterday since having Carson. Did 5 miles in Weston....which may not seem long to most people but is the farthest I have run since probably October 2014. I went mid-day so it was a little warm, but overall a very easy and nice run.

Ryan got me a FitBit for Valentines I am now obsessed with tracking my calories, steps, etc. It is a lot to keep up with, but so far I like it. It pretty much forces you to do some sort of physical activity everyday. I didn't go to Orange Theory this morning because I needed to be home with I will have to go on a long walk with her this evening to get enough steps in. Normally...I would just take the day off!

Friday, February 13, 2015

The Comeback....

It has been over a year since I have posted to my running blog and a lot has certainly changed in my life. I got pregnant in December of 2013 and had our little sweetheart Carson on September 14th. I had a pretty easy pregnancy...but pretty much used it as an excuse to do absolutely nothing fitness related. I walked a bunch toward the end of the pregnancy, only because I was trying to make myself go into labor!

I was insanely busy with work after she was born until December, which is when I started going to Orange Theory. I really like the work outs, and they charge you if you sign up for a class and don't show which adds some additional accountability. I have missed a class here or there, but have been going pretty consistently 4 mornings a week at 6am. You spend about half of the 1 hour class on the treadmill doing hills and speed work, so I am hoping it will effect my running in a positive way.

For the past few weekends I have thought about getting out for a run, but it just has not happened. I need to get at it sooner or later though because I already have one marathon on my schedule for the favorite the Marine Corps Marathon on October 25th. I signed up last year...knowing I would likely not run, but planed on deferring my registration to 2015 which I did, so I am guaranteed entry.

I also entered the lottery for the NYC Marathon, which happens to be one week after the it will be interesting if I end up getting in.

Hope to get back at it soon. Can't believe that I actually miss those 14+ mile training runs! I might just miss the amount of calories burned and the fact that I can drink a few beers after without feeling guilty.

Here is Carson Olivia...too cute right? 

Friday, January 17, 2014

It has been a LONG Time!

Hello there blog followers...if there are any of you left. I have not posted in FOREVER, but just updated my pictures pace and race results page. Since I last posted....I ran the Chicago Marathon and the Marine Corps Marathon, which were 14 days apart. I certainly didn't break any records in either race so I survived the races pretty easily.

Chicago - Pretty cool as expected. I stayed at a family friends condo, which was literally overlooking Grant Park which is where the start and finish line were. It was perfect. The weather was nice, course was flat...overall it was pretty fun. My favorite part is that each runner was handed a Goose Island 312 as they crossed the finish line AND had a coupon for another free beer at the after race party. 2 free beers = no complaints here.

Marine Corps Marathon- My favorite race. My sister Chrissy ran it with me this year, which made it even more exciting. We made it through the first 16 miles or so pretty easily but then Chrissy got some weird acid reflux thing that really slowed us down. The last 6 miles were pretty slow but the spectators were awesome. The family came to cheer us on as well as one of my awesome JSA co-workers. Overall it was as expected a very inspiring race which I hope to continue to do.

After the Marine Corps I decided to take it easy and give myself a break. I feel like I have been marathon training non stop for 3 years! I may or may not run the Miami half marathon in a few weeks...just for fun and lack of other things to do!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Not So Much Training Going On!

I am sure you all have been dying for a post. Well I have a few hours to kill in Denver so here goes!

Marathon season is upon us and I have two races coming up. Chicago Marathon on Oct. 13th and Marine Corps Marathon on October 27th. A combination of travelling and laziness has really effected my training for these races. My lack of running is simply embarrassing. My longest run all summer has been 17 miles...and that is really the only long distance run I have logged. I have a 20 miler on the schedule for Sunday...which I must complete to give me some level of sanity leading up to these races.

But on a good note, my job is going great and I am having a super busy fall between work events and these two races. 7 trips in 2 months...pretty nuts.

Back to Chicago for the Marathon
DC for the Marine Corps Marathon

November will be a month of REST. I am loving my somewhat hectic lifestyle though...keeps things interesting! I had to share this pic of me in a Denver Broncos hat! Yep...true story. I was given it as a gift while in Denver...and thought I would wear it to support my boy least during my run this morning, not sure if it will ever see the light of day again.